Positive Thinking


Everyone needs a little pick me up, especially mid-way in the competition season. I saw a great article by Craig Harkins on fencing.net that I wanted to share. I’m mid-way in these grant applications and sometimes I just want to give up. But every so often, a nice article will find its way onto my screen and I’m reminded that I can do it. And so can you! Keep fencing and do what you love.


Fencing In The Schools begins

Fencing In The Schools begins

One of the organizations the film will be highlighting is Tim Morehouse’s Fencing In The Schools. I had the pleasure of meeting some of the administration yesterday with Tim and some of his team. This program is beginning its pilot year at Democracy Prep, a charter school with six campuses in Harlem, NY. With about 2,000 students between all of the schools, Democracy Prep will be running the first 6-week gym program that features fencing as a physical education unit. Tim has commissioned starter foil gear from Absolute so the kids can get into the action quickly and safely (there it is in the picture!)

I’m including this program in the film as an example of how schools can begin fencing programs of their own. Although fencing in NJ is popular at the varsity sport level, you can also introduce kids to the sport in gym class. The earlier the better. As kids compete in soccer and baseball at young ages, starting a new sport when they’re older becomes less appealing. If a kid starts fencing when they’re younger, or at least has tried it, there may be a better chance that they stay with fencing as they get older and into high school.

For more information about Fencing In The Schools, check them out here: http://www.fencingintheschools.org/

ITVS Grant Application

It’s grant application season! I’m applying for my first grant tomorrow through ITVS, a public television support organization. I think the film would be a great special on television, so that’s why I’m applying. Here’s more about ITVS Open Call:

Open Call provides completion funds for single nonfiction public television programs on any subject, and from any viewpoint. Projects must have begun production as evidenced by a work-in-progress video. Open Call funding is only available to independent producers who are citizens or legal residents of the U.S. and its external territories.

Proof that I’m in production, here’s another still from the Santelli tournament for your enjoyment:

Epee Fence-Off for 1st Place, Bernards vs Mendham.