Team Champions

Congrats to the Columbia boys and the Northern Highlands girls on their NJSIAA Team Championships! I was at Morris Hills in Rockaway, NJ on Wednesday night and the room couldn’t have been more electric. The powerhouse team from Northern Highlands clinched their meet at 14-6 (out of 27 bouts, first to 14 wins) and rushed the strip for hugs and a team cheer. The final score was 18-9 over Montgomery.


The gold medal match for the boys was a bit more dramatic…I mean REALLY dramatic. Lots of yellow cards, 4-4 bouts, overtime wins, emotions, and cheering. Watchung Hills lead the match until the end of the second round when Columbia’s epee squad tied the meet at 9-9. The score went back and forth until Columbia’s foil came up with big wins to put them in the lead. Once again, the meet fell to the epee squad and the meet was clinched at 14-12.


The teams all fought well and the energy was so great for a fencing meet. The girls bronze medal was awarded to Columbia for defeating Livingston in a close bout. The Millburn boys took home the bronze against Ridge. It’s been a great season for all of these teams and they should all be so proud. The last event of the season takes place this Sunday at Montgomery High School in Skillman, NJ for the NJSIAA State Individuals.


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