Fencing videos inspired by Speed of Fencing

Check out some very similar videos to my own, Speed of Fencing short film.

Speed of Fencing

Jared Leto’s newest music video is directly mimicking the grace and movement captured with a slow motion camera. Too bad they are fencing sabre as epee fencers and they look clunky and awkward compared to the gymnast.

This one I saw today and it has an interesting space theme. It’s pretty hard to lunge on the sandy surface of the moon, so I don’t recommend this.

Finally, our own Fencers Club made a promotional video that looks a lot like mine. I wish they had asked me to be involved, but I love these guys so no hard feelings.

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Presenting at AFI Docs In Progress

Whew, it’s been a while. After the high school season ended and most of my grants were sent, I have been back to shooting with Democracy Prep and the continued saga with Cooper. Leaving no opportunity wasted, I applied to pitch at the AFI Film Festival showcase called Docs In Progress. This is a great platform to get feedback from the audience about your pitch and your visual materials. Here’s more about AFI:Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 2.36.24 PM

AFI Docs Presented by Audi (formerly Silverdocs) is an internationally recognized event that honors excellence in filmmaking, supports the diverse voices and free expression of independent storytellers and celebrates the power of documentary to improve our understanding of the world. Now in its 11th year, the festival is embarking on a transformational chapter in its history with an expansion into landmark Washington, DC venues and with the AFI Catalyst Sessions which serve as stimuli for national public discourse and an opportunity to engage our nations leaders with filmmakers striving to shine a light on the greatest issues of today. The festival historically has attracted over 27,000 documentary enthusiasts, policy-makers and thought leaders.

See you soon, Maryland!