Historical Fencing Photos

1928 Olympic Team

Thanks to USFA Historian Andy Shaw for collecting a great series of photos and articles and displaying them at Summer Nationals! Here’s one I loved of the 1928 US Olympic Fencing Team as they are en route to the Amsterdam Games. It took several weeks to make the journey so I guess they held a practice on the deck of the ship! I’ll never complain about the 11-hour flight to Qatar again.

If you have any historical photos you want to share, message me! Especially from historical New Jersey fencing.

Submitting to Grants

Chicken and Egg

It’s that time again: time to apply for some grants. This year I’m armed with great footage, a wonderful team, and help from writers, fencers, and friends. The film has great potential and I believe that there will be some grant funders who see it too. I’ve already applied to Chicken & Egg and am sending out plenty more over the summer. We will also be receiving our Board of Education approval from the various high schools we applied to film at this fall. Curious which schools? Find out soon!

Behind the Scenes at Summer Nationals


Last week I was conducting interviews for Fencing For The Edge in a side room of the Columbus Convention Center. Thanks to everyone who found us and shared their stories! Don’t worry, we’ll be doing some more interviews in New Jersey once the season begins. For now, it’s grant writing and fundraising time! Keep an eye out for our IndieGoGo campaign launching in September.

Summer Nationals in Columbus, OH

Find live results at http://www.usfencingresults.org

It’s the largest fencing tournament IN THE WORLD! The 10-day long fencing event taking place in Columbus, OH is the US Summer Nationals. Back in the day, I used to fence 5 events in a variety of age and level categories. But this year, Fencing For The Edge is here to film interviews and fencing from the largest fencing tournament in the country. And you can participate!

We’re setting up in the room off from Strip H-2 and want to hear from fencers, parents, referees, coaches, staff, and fencing fans about why they started fencing, what they like about it, and how fencing can expand throughout the USA. We have a local Columbus crew and will be filming from 10-6 on Friday and Saturday this week. So share your stories with us and help spread the word about fencing!

Happy Independence Day!