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Cheer on Team USA fencers as they compete in Russia at the 2013 World Combat Games!

Not the best video, but the narration does explain fencing well enough in the context of other combat sports. We’re only seeing foil here, but World Combat Games will feature all three weapons in St. Petersburg, Russia. Cheer on Team USA fencers Miles Chamley-Watson, Race Imboden, Mariel Zagunis, and Ibtihaj Muhammad!

Win a Fencing In The Schools Program

FITS contest

You can enter to win a Fencing In The Schools program for your school! Sponsored by Sabra Hummus and Absolute Fencing, you can earn a fencing program that will be taught to all of your friends in gym class. Olympians Tim Morehouse and Miles Chamley-Watson (the 2013 World Champion) will also come and give an assembly! Even if your school already has a fencing team, you can enter to win this great program. You can enter every day in the month of October with just your email address. Check out this video I made highlighting the program:

Common Questions

Ever thought that fencing was dangerous? Here are some answers to some misconceptions about fencing.

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Do you actually hit each other with the weapons? 

Does it hurt? 
This is a very common concern amongst beginners. New fencers quickly adjust to the feel of receiving touches, and before long don’t feel them at all. Children and seniors often compete with adults, getting hit just as hard and handling it without any problem.

Is it dangerous? 
No, in fact fencing is statistically one of the safest sports. Fencers wear protective gear to ensure safety, and the infrequent injuries that do occur are generally minor and common (bruises, twists and sprains).

How young? How old? What is the optimum age? 
Children can begin fencing at a very young age even at 5yrs old!. National-level youth fencing incorporates under-10, under-12 and under-14 events. International competition for children includes two categories, cadet (under-17) and junior (under-20). Fencing is unique in that fencers generally keep competing until late in life…

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