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We’re down to 10 days on our fundraising and we have a great article on about the film! We still need to raise 13K so keep sharing and help us reach our goal so we can make a great documentary! Thanks to Erik Daur for writing the article and Jen Oldham for the great pic I keep posting!


NJ High School season dates

Want to know how involved a high school fencing season is in New Jersey? Check out this calendar of important events…for one District…which doesn’t include dual or multi-meets!

Dec. 28-29: Denise O’Connor UFA New Jersey Division championships, site to be determined

Jan. 4, 2014: Santelli girls tournament at Morristown Armory

Jan. 5: Cetrulo boys tournament at Morristown Armory

Jan. 24: Passaic County girls tournament at Wayne Valley

Jan. 26: District 3 boys and girls tournament at Livingston

Jan. 26: Holy Angels girls tournament

Feb. 1: District 4 boys and girls tournament at Fair Lawn

Feb. 4: State boys team championships, first round

Feb. 5: State girls team championships, first round

Feb. 9: Bergen-Passaic freshman-sophomore tournament at Ramapo High School

Feb. 10: State boys team championships, quarterfinals

Feb. 11: State girls team championships, quarterfinals

Feb. 18: State boys team championships, semifinals

Feb. 19: State girls team championships, semifinals

Feb. 22: State boys squad championships at North Hunterdon

Feb. 23: State girls squad championships at North Hunterdon

Feb. 26: State team boys and girls championships finals at Morris Hills, Rockaway

March 2: State individuals boys and girls championships at Montgomery

Preseason Predictions

Predictions are everywhere at the start of sports seasons. Fencing is NOT an exception in the state of New Jersey! Here are some links to predictions by the Star Ledger and

Star Ledger Boys Fencing
Star Ledger Girls Fencing

North Jersey Boys Fencing
North Jersey Girls Fencing

20131217 CHS production still 2

Tonight we were back at NJFA to film another Columbia HS fencing practice. You can see our crew behind the sea of stretching fencers. Also, a huge shout out to Coach Ibtihaj Muhammad for her Women’s Sabre NAC gold medal in Dallas this weekend!

NJ High School Season Begins

It’s the second week after Thanksgiving and the New Jersey high school teams are in full practice mode. Lots of conditioning, footwork, and bouting. The most exciting thing for me is to see new fencers learning the rules, the movements, and the nuances between the different weapons. We were at the first Bernards and Columbia High School practices and saw how hard these kids work. It’s going to be a good season!


FITS in Maine

Last week I was in 4 states in 4 days filming for Fencing for the Edge! From NC to NY to NJ, the last state in the series was Maine. After an 8-hour drive, I met up with the Fencing In The Schools duo, Tim Morehouse and Jeff Spear, as they began their 11 school assemblies in 3 days. Each school had great enthusiasm and were immediately drawn to the Olympic stories.

FITS Maine Hancock 5

During the assemblies, the kids learned how to get en garde and played “Olympian Says,” shouting lunge and moving their feet.

FITS Maine Ellsworth Middle en guard

Not only did Tim and Jeff talk about setting big goals, they held fencing matches between teachers and principals!

FITS Maine Peninsula 6

It was a great adventure and we found that Maine is ready for more fencing. This whole school district received a grant from the CDC for physical education in lifelong sports. Fencing is definitely a lifelong sport and I can’t wait to see where these new fencers are in a year from now.

Visit to Durham, NC

Last weekend, I had a great adventure in Durham, NC getting to know the fencers and team at Mid-South Fencers Club. I even got to fence in their first tournament at their new location! The Mid-South Fencers Club expanded into their new space two weeks and you could still smell the new paint. I met some great competitors and families from around North Carolina and even some neighboring states. Everyone was so welcoming and we got some great interviews for the film.

In between fencing and filming (literally, during my 10-minute DE breaks), we found that North Carolina does have a high school league but it works more like after school club. They only have foil for high school fencers, but clubs in the area do have all three weapons. It sounds like they want more fencing in their schools but there’s a lack of organization and funding to raise the levels of the school clubs. Oh, and some kind of state rule about sports not being recognized as varsity unless 20% of the schools in the state have the sport. So they would have to go from 11 teams to 90. Yikes. New Jersey doesn’t even have that. More investigation is needed, but it’s great to see that the fencing spirit is strong in North Carolina. Thanks again to Jen Oldham and Jeff Kallio for hosting me!

MSFC tournament
1st place in the Black Friday Mixed Epee event.