FITS in Maine

Last week I was in 4 states in 4 days filming for Fencing for the Edge! From NC to NY to NJ, the last state in the series was Maine. After an 8-hour drive, I met up with the Fencing In The Schools duo, Tim Morehouse and Jeff Spear, as they began their 11 school assemblies in 3 days. Each school had great enthusiasm and were immediately drawn to the Olympic stories.

FITS Maine Hancock 5

During the assemblies, the kids learned how to get en garde and played “Olympian Says,” shouting lunge and moving their feet.

FITS Maine Ellsworth Middle en guard

Not only did Tim and Jeff talk about setting big goals, they held fencing matches between teachers and principals!

FITS Maine Peninsula 6

It was a great adventure and we found that Maine is ready for more fencing. This whole school district received a grant from the CDC for physical education in lifelong sports. Fencing is definitely a lifelong sport and I can’t wait to see where these new fencers are in a year from now.

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