Freshmen Sophomore Tournaments

One of my favorite tournaments to go to when I just started fencing was the Freshmen/Sophomore tournament. It was a chance for everyone who probably wasn’t fencing on the varsity level to compete with other kids at their skill level and meet new people from other teams. This past weekend was the last Frosh/Soph tournament of the season, with Skylands and Bergen-Passaic regions hosting tournaments. Last weekend was the Montclair Invitational and earlier in December was the Morris Knolls Invitational. There was great team camaraderie and sparks of inspiration on the strip. Lots of bravery in these youngsters!

To find results, here are some links (can’t find the Skylands results):
Morris Knolls Invitational
Montclair Invitational
Bergen-Passaic Invitational

Columbia Frosh_SophColumbia HS celebrates their medals and upperclassmen support in December.

Bernards FroshSoph1The Bernards team celebrates with their fencing trophies.

Teaneck FroshSoph1Teaneck girls come together for a group photo with their medals. Smiles all around!

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