Final 4 Decided

While the final scores online show some close bouts coming out of the Elite 8, the spectators know how things really happened this week. Columbia High School posted two 15-12 victories but clinched the girls meet against Gov. Livingston at 14-4 and the boys meet against Montclair at 14-6. Bernards girls showed a 19-8 final score but clinched at 14-3 against Mendham. Out of 27 bouts, the 14th victory really decides the fate of the match. On the other side of the boys bracket, Ramapo has the same 15-12 final score, but their match reached win #14 in the second to last bout. The same was true for the girls meet with Watchung Hills overtaking Montgomery in the last round of epee. I’m looking forward to the Final 4!

Screen shot 2014-02-13 at 4.42.35 PM
Here are the Final 4 match ups for next week:

Girls Fencing

Columbia (1) vs Livingston (5)
Watchung Hills (3) vs Bernards (2)

Boys Fencing

Columbia (1) vs Ramapo (4)
Ridge (3) vs Watchung Hills (2)

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