Team State Champions

Columbia win BOTH Team State Championship titles!

CHS Finals Gordon hug
Gordon Rutledge wins the clinching bout for Columbia against Ridge

Both the girls’ and boys’ teams were undefeated this season with 14-0 records.  Both the girls’ and boys’ teams were Super Essex Conference Champions, District 3 Champions and State Champions. For the CHS girls’ team, they have won the state title 11 times in 15 years.  For the boys’ team they have won 7 state championships in the past 11 years. This is the first time in 10 years that any team has won both the girls’ and boys’ titles (the last team to do it was Columbia).

The finals were thrilling! Columbia boys had a ton of comeback wins but the score spoke a different story and made it appear to be a crushing. Bernards and Columbia on the girls side were neck and neck at 11-11 going into the last two rounds. The meet was clinched by Columbia in the last round of epee!

All of these teams have great competitors and love for the sport. They’ve learned how to be gracious winners and many lessons from loss. As we come to the end of filming the high school season, the challenges and obstacles that we’ve seen in production have also become lessons for our crew. It’s not all about winning, it’s what you learn from losing and how you come back from it. It’s been great to know these teams and I’m thankful they’ve let us be part of their journeys.

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