2014 NCAA Fencing Championship Quick Hits (Day 1)

The Fencing Coach

Cover_HARV_Caroline_Vloka Photo Credit: IvyLeagueSports.com

Women’s Saber

  • You’re on fire when you’re 13-2 with a +45 indicator, but that’s Adrienne Jarocki’s start. Jarocki, my pick to win has been unstoppable today, dropping only a 5-4 bout to teammate Aliya Itkowitz (also in my top 4) and to Joanna Lew of Yale. Despite her hot start, Jarocki has a few difficult bouts ahead of her with Rohan (Stanford), Litynski (UNC), Stone (PRI), and Wheeler (PRI), but I expect Jarocki to finish with the one spot into the finals.
  • If the Women’s Saber event were to go into finals this evening, I’d be 4/4 on my top 4 picks. Which leads me to believe I’ll be in for a sour surprise tomorrow. Or not.
  • This event is still anyone’s game. Outside of the top four, you have Alexa Antipas  (OSU) knocking on the door with a 10-5 record, and Teodora Kakhiani (PSU) knocking on…

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