Progress into Post

As I finally get back to my own fencing training, people have been asking me, “how is the film is going?” So I figured it was time for a little update…

The film is going well but we’re far from finished. One of the major components of the film, the NJ high school fencing season, wraps up tomorrow with the All-State awards luncheon. The NJIFA recognizes the top fencers from the season at this nice event that I’ve been privy to attend as a fencer and coach. I’m attending the event now as a filmmaker, but also as a fan of the sport. I’ve also been able to attend many of the team banquets that celebrate the season and award the students for their contributions to the team.

So now what?

While our fundraiser on IndieGoGo was a great way to raise the awareness of the project, we still are miles away from funding this project. The challenge now is, how to raise the funds to complete the editing of the film and pay the crew involved on the project. I’ll be honest, they don’t teach you this stuff in grad school. Fundraising is its own THING. I remember reading somewhere that to make a documentary film, you spend 80% of your time figuring out how to raise the money and 20% of your time making the film. I’m starting to believe that after making this pie chart of where my time has been spent since beginning the project in 2012:




While I am most excited for post-production to begin, I can’t even start until the rest of the budget is in place. If I were to guess, that piece of the pie for Grant Writing/Emails is going to get bigger. I might have to add a new slice for “Out-of-the-box Fundraising Tactics”. Haha, such is the life of documentary filmmaking.

If everything works out, I am hoping to have a rough cut of the film ready by this time next year. If not, we’re all going to have to wait a lot longer for the film to be finished. And if you’re wondering how much I’m talking about, figure it’s $2000/final min on screen. Here’s a great article about funding for documentaries I also posted on Facebook:

If you’re wondering how you can donate to this project, our link is still live on Fractured Atlas. Donations receive a tax-deductible receipt through our 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor! 🙂

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