Why Do We Fence?

The Fencing Athlete

I had just been eliminated early from a recent World Cup.

Frustrated by my early exit, I wasn’t exactly in the best mood as I changed out of my whites and put on my warm ups. It’s times like this when I find myself questioning my fencing and what I am working towards. Is all the hard work actually paying off? Is fencing really worth the blood, sweat, tears, time and dedication?

After an hour or so I regained my composure and headed back strip-side to watch some fencing.

While I was watching, one of the other Americans, who had suffered a similar fate, came over and started watching the same bout that I was. After talking about the bout for a while, the conversation turned more personal, about our goals and general plans for achieving them. Then he asked me a surprising question:

“Why are you doing this?”


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