Fencing TEDx Talk

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Coach Aufrichtig did not know he would be coaching when he started to fence at age 14. After a successful software sales career he took what he says “my dream job” in his life passion, inheriting a fencing team that was 2-16 the year before he arrived. His talk focuses on how he paid attention to details and how he was not afraid to being open to try new ideas. Following these principles he talks about the opportunities he capitalized on bring back Columbia as one of the top fencing programs in the country.

Michael Aufrichtig is Columbia University’s Head Fencing Coach. Recently lauded by the New York Times for his unconventional approach to coaching, the former software salesman, with no prior coaching experience, utilized his ‘deliberate focus practice’ method combined with statistical analysis to transform Columbia’s fencing team into champions.

American Fencing Magazine

American Fencing Magazine 1Check it out! High school level fencing is definitely growing in America, but no one does it like New Jersey. This quarter’s American Fencing Magazine features great insight into New Jersey High School Fencing, written by Olympic Team Captain, Jeff Bukantz.

And the film gets a nod at the end of the article! Thanks, Jeff 🙂



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