Visit to Durham, NC

Last weekend, I had a great adventure in Durham, NC getting to know the fencers and team at Mid-South Fencers Club. I even got to fence in their first tournament at their new location! The Mid-South Fencers Club expanded into their new space two weeks and you could still smell the new paint. I met some great competitors and families from around North Carolina and even some neighboring states. Everyone was so welcoming and we got some great interviews for the film.

In between fencing and filming (literally, during my 10-minute DE breaks), we found that North Carolina does have a high school league but it works more like after school club. They only have foil for high school fencers, but clubs in the area do have all three weapons. It sounds like they want more fencing in their schools but there’s a lack of organization and funding to raise the levels of the school clubs. Oh, and some kind of state rule about sports not being recognized as varsity unless 20% of the schools in the state have the sport. So they would have to go from 11 teams to 90. Yikes. New Jersey doesn’t even have that. More investigation is needed, but it’s great to see that the fencing spirit is strong in North Carolina. Thanks again to Jen Oldham and Jeff Kallio for hosting me!

MSFC tournament
1st place in the Black Friday Mixed Epee event.

Welcome to Fencing for the Edge

Welcome to the launch of the Fencing for the Edge blog!

My name is Holly Buechel and I am the Producer and Editor for Fencing for the Edge. I recently won the Best Experimental Film award at the Big Apple Film Festival with my short, Speed of Fencing. With over 100,000 views, my short film has made me realize that there IS enough interest in fencing to create a longer and more substantial project. You can read more about Speed of Fencing here.

Here I will be posting updates and progress on the feature film, set for production of the 2013-2014 NJSIAA fencing season. This year will be an exciting year of research, following teams, building relationships, and scouting stories for the film.

A short film featuring one high school fencer is currently in production to help raise the profile of the feature film and to assist with fundraising for the production and post-production expenses. Stay tuned for updates and photos of the making of the first feature documentary film about fencing in New Jersey!