Submitted Grants and More

This has been an especially exhausting week for pre-production on the film. I have submitted to several big film grants all while filming at the District 4 Championships and one match of the Sweet 16 for the girls last night. Whew! But each step is moving the project forward and I can’t be happier about that. Next up, preparing for Junior Olympics.


Here’s a shot from District 4, the top-4 epee fencers (all from Espada!)Image

Positive Thinking

Everyone needs a little pick me up, especially mid-way in the competition season. I saw a great article by Craig Harkins on that I wanted to share. I’m mid-way in these grant applications and sometimes I just want to give up. But every so often, a nice article will find its way onto my screen and I’m reminded that I can do it. And so can you! Keep fencing and do what you love.