NCAA Champions Penn State

Penn State homepageI was pleasantly surprised to find this pop-up on the Penn State Athletics page! Congrats to Penn State on their 13th NCAA Championship Title! Yea yea, wrestling is sharing the page, but they also won this weekend. It reminds me of how my fencing practice space at NYAC shares the basement with wrestling. And my dad was a wrestler. Maybe fencing and wrestling have more in common than we think…

Congrats to all the NJ fencers that competed in the NCAAs as well! Here are some results from NJ:Cooper Schumacher 8th ME (Pompton Lakes)
Charles Clark 16th ME (Teaneck)
Brian Kaneshige 8th MF (Columbia)
Andrew Kelly 24th MS (Columbia)
Ashley Severson 10th WE (Ramapo)
Jackie Dubrovich 3rd WF (Pompton Lakes)
Jennifer Yamin 23rd WF (Northern Highlands)
Ambika Singh 9th WF (Montgomery)
Alisha Gomez-Shah 18th WS (Wayne Hills)
Celina Merza 9th WS (Wayne Hills)

Let me know if I forgot anyone!

Former NJSIAA State Champion wins NCAAs

University of Pennsylvania junior, Michael Mills, captured the NCAA Individual Men’s Sabre title in Houston, TX a couple weeks ago. With many former New Jersey High School fencers competing, Mills was the only one to take home the win. Back in 2010, Mills won the NJSIAA Men’s Sabre title for Millburn High School in the same year the team won the overall championship. Check out some old and new articles about Mills and his reposted article from an interview he did as Fencer-of-the-Week in the Star Ledger:

Former Millburn High School fencing star wins NCAA title

Michael Mills NCAA Champion

NJ boys fencing: Mills, Hadzic, Kaneshige win titles at state tournament

Senior, sabre, 6-5, 210 pounds

JUST THE FACTS: He has gone 22-2 in dual meets, including 6-0 in state team tournament meets. He finished 10-0 in the opening pool, helping Millburn to second overall, and was 8-2 in the final pool on the way to winning his second individual title at the District 3 tournament. He took seventh in the junior division at the Junior Olympics this past weekend. Mills earned his way onto the cadet national team and finished second at the state individual tournament last winter.
PERSONAL GOAL: “To win the state individual sabre title.”
MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: “Making the cadet national team last year.”
BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT:  “Nothing with technique. Just my strategy and tactics have gotten better lately.”
FENCING IDOL: Keeth Smart, the two-time NCAA champion and silver medalist in the 2008 Olympics. “I still practice with him sometimes.”
BIGGEST INFLUENCE: “My dad, Robert, started me when I was young and he is there for moral support. He doesn’t watch me too much these days because he gets too nervous.”
FAVORITE MOVIE: “Gladiator.”
FAVORITE BOOK: “1984” by George Orwell.
INTEREST/HOBBIES:  “I’ve played the viola since the third grade. I still take lessons and play in the school orchestra.”
FAVORITE PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE: Boxer Floyd Mayweather. “He’s undefeated and kind of flashy and in your face. He’s really competitive.”
THREE FOR DINNER: “My grandfather, who passed away; Elliot Tusk, a fellow fencer from New York state, and Martin Luther King.”