Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Wrestling

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

It’s official, Tokyo will be the host city for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. Beating out Istanbul and Madrid, Tokyo last held the Olympics in 1964. Check out this cute photo for fencing!

Another big announcement: Wrestling will be in the Olympics for 2020 and 2024! This is huge for the sport. Fencing and wrestling are very similar (individual combat sports, several periods of play, hard to understand the rules for a novice), so I was carefully watching the fate of Wrestling as the same thing could happen to Fencing in the future. Granted, fencing has made several improvements to help spectators watch the sport (wireless systems, lights on the mask, video replay), but it still hasn’t made a significant impact on sports media consumers. As fencing and wrestling are two of the five original sports from the 1896 Olympics, it’s important that our communities root for each other and keep the tradition of the Olympics alive. And just to show how exciting wrestling can be, check out a video I shot at the 2012 London Olympics of an amazing Japanese wrestler, who goes on to win the gold medal and has a special celebration with her coach.